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Power your broker with Best Forex CRM Software designed specifically for the Forex industry to help manage customer interactions, improve client satisfaction, and ultimately grow the business.


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About Forex CRM Solutions

As a technology provider to FX brokerage firms, Forex CRM Solutions has extensive experience in every aspect of brokerage management. Our main objective is to establish and cultivate robust partnerships with our clients, assisting them in growing within the FX industry. We remain at the forefront of brokerage technology, ensuring that we maintain our leading position in the industry.

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Feature Rich Client cabinet Design

User-friendly client portal with a mobile optimized for smooth functioning and a rich looking UI design that helps in elevating your user experience.

Powerful Back office with Staff Roles

Typically, the broker relies on a team of internal and external staff to manage the day-to-day operations. The operation staff handles tasks such as client registration, KYC procedures, and deposits and withdrawals. This streamlined system assigns specific roles to staff members to simplify operations. This allows support agents to focus on ensuring client satisfaction among other responsibilities.

User-friend Admin Dashboard to control everything at your Fingertips

The CRM interface has been intuitively designed to provide a quick overview of all information in a clean and organized visual layout. We pride ourselves on having created a system that is a result of years of improvement in collaboration with top industrial leaders. With workflow settings that adapt to your specific needs and customizable role management options, brokers can shape the system to their liking.

IB Dashboard

Your IBs can access their introduced clients and consolidated commissions from their IB Portal. They can analyze commissions and access marketing material, affiliate links, and banners as well. Additionally, from their Profile, IBs can open their own Trading Accounts in the Trader's Room.

Multi-lingual Interface

Maximize your business with a completely dynamic CRM system that can cater to the clients from all parts of the world.

OUR Forex crm solutions

Why should you choose our Forex CRM

Fast Installation

A fully operational and seamlessly integrated customized portal without any further coding and development.

Hosted in Cloud

By leveraging cloud-based solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of a flexible and scalable integration for your portal. The storage of customer data is securely maintained, allowing traders to promptly and efficiently address customer inquiries and requests. 

Robust FX CRM

Provides you with a comprehensive suite of integrated automation tools that are specifically designed to enhance your performance in the dynamic and fast-paced world of Forex trading. 

Free Data Migration

It allows businesses to easily and securely move data between MT5 Platforms, making it a great option for companies trying to optimise their data migration process.

Complete Branding

Complete branding solutions for a Forex CRM includes website design, logo design, email templates, and content that are all consistent with the company’s message and vision.

Customer Support

Our CRM aims to enhance the speed of response for customer inquiries. To achieve this objective, the system incorporates a Live Chat System, Support Ticket System in addition to the Email system.

Enhance Your Operations: Deploy our All-in-One Managed CRM Software

Our comprehensive CRM solution handles a wide range of tasks and makes use of effective technologies to effortlessly automate, track, and organise customer communications.

Empower your CRM with numerous Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Our CRM offers you the ease of connecting multiple payment methods on your Portal to enhance sales and give flexibility to your clients.

Full Control over Crypto & Bank Deposits

Our portal gives you complete powers to add, modify or delete Crypto Wallet Addresses, Bank Account details for Swift & Wire transactions from time to time.

PSP Integration

Our development team specializes in integrating Crypto-based Gateways and other payment processors.

Create Demo and Live Account in Mobile

This module is used to centralize a client’s information and group all trading accounts of a client. A simple 4 Step formula :
Signup - Verify Email - Login to Create Trading account - Choose Account Specifications and we're done!

Get more with Forex CRM Solutions

Adding value to your brand is our core priority, Client attraction is our CRM's USP.

Deposit processing control

Our CRM can be integrated with a number of payment processing systems and you can access detailed payment reports

Customer data management

Create detailed reports that include personal trading, IB commission and other necessary customer information


Easily integrate with the leading trading platforms, Payment methods and Ticket generation

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